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Application Development and Web Solutions

We are digital agency concentrating on development of creative and result driven web solutions using latest technologies. We have successfully built and delivered custom web applications using cutting-edge technologies. We work with our clients from beginning of every project helping them to build detailed business plan, work out comprehensive specification, strategize project architecture, development, testing and deployment.

Business Intelligence, Data Transfers and Reporting

We provide consulting and development services focusing on delivery of reliable and trusted visual reports across entire organization, helping to eliminate wasted time, money and effort, and allows business leaders to make more informed strategic decisions.

Data Warehousing

We help you to aggregate structured data from one or more sources so that it can be compared and analyzed for greater business intelligence. We have vast experience to collect data from various platform and business areas such as finance, sales, inventory, marketing,... to name a few.

Web Development, Web Design and Marketing, SEO

Do you need to present yourself or your company? We offer Web design and development for personal, small and medium businesses or corporate organizations, SEO/Marketing, Email Marketing and guidance to establish Social Medial portals to rediscover your business image in the internet marketplace.

E-Commerce, Payment Integrations, Order Management

We build custom e-commerce solution for start-ups, small and medium companies, but also for large enterprises. Our unique content management system is fully customisable, agile and fully scalable allowing to accommodate any type of simple or complex e-shops.

IT Services and Web Hosting

We can help you to establish your company web servers on OSX, Linux or Windows platform or simple set up your website, e-commerce or web application on our hosting platform where we provide vast range of web services fully controlled and configurable to satisfy your needs.

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